Reading Assignment
Week 1, Monday
What are your pet peeves about technology?
  • Discuss QoD
Technology Has a Message, Schuurman.  Here is the reading guide.

Week 1, Wednesday
What is Information Technology?  How does it affect us?
  • Discuss Schuurman, in groups of 4, 15-20 minutes.
  • Discuss QoD.
Blown to Bits reading???

Week 1, Friday

  • Discuss Blown to Bits reading.
  • Intro to first homework: best uses of technology in daily life.
Read How Stuff Works article, pages 1, 2, 3.  Here is the reading guide.
Write a paper on best uses of technology in daily life.  Due in one week.  Be prepared to discuss.
Week 2,
How does computer hardware work?
  • In groups of 4, draw a diagram of a computer and how the components relate to each other. (10 minutes)
  • Identify the primary purpose of each component.
  • Refer to the HowStuffWorks article and revise your drawing.
  • Compare diagrams from groups and fix things up.
  • Sum up results for everyone to study.
Watch PBS video on miniturization, from 9:27 to 18:41 (most of "Chapter 3").  Here is the watching guide.

Week 2, Wednesday
Is a cell phone a computer?
  • Discuss PBS video.
  • Figure out what an ad for a computer really means. (25 minutes).
Read about Bits, Bytes, and Binary, pages 1, 2, and 4  (you may skip page 3).  Here is the reading guide.

Week 2,

Something about thinking about how to make a better computer?
  • Discuss best use of technology papers.  Groups make presentations. (?)
  • CS Unplugged activity on binary numbers.
Programming for Dummies this isn't great...
I should make my own video for this, I think.

Week 3,
How does software work?
  • Discuss video/reading on how software works.
  • Work through algorithm on how to erase the whiteboard.

I may have to make my own video.
Week 3,

  • Scratch programming lab (Brownian Motion Lab?)
  • Scratch programming lab 2 ?  Dance video?  Or perhaps optional to do one or the other?

Algorithm homework
Week 3,
What is "the cloud"?
  • Quiz 1
  • Create a google form.
How Does the Internet Work.  Reading guide is here.

How Web Servers Work, pages 2, 3, and 5 (although 4 is pretty good, too).
Reading guide is here.

Packet switching / Routing / Routers. Watching guide is here.

Week 4,
How does the Internet work?
  • Discuss the video assignments from Friday.
  • Do the packet forwarding "game".
  • Start writing some HTML code by hand, in Notepad++.
  • Quiz 1 review (or later this week)
HTML Tutorial 1
HTML Tutorial 2

HTML Tutorial 3
-- don't worry about DTD stuff.
HTML Tutorial 4
Add Pat's ppt here too, as a summary of everything.
Asking Keith, Pat for pre-made assignment.

Week 4,
How does HTML work?
  • Continue with writing HTML code by hand: Could have students design web page on paper first: how do you make a bullet list inside a numbered list?  Put mulitple paragraphs in a numbered list item.  Draw what you want it to look like, and then write html on paper to make it so.  then test it.
  • Then, start with KompoZer.  Make 2 web pages that link to each other. (?)
Watch video about Internet Filter Bubble.  Watching guide.

Week 4,

  • Finish web pages with KompoZer and upload to web server.
Tutorial videos on Excel
Excel absolute vs relative cell references

Week 5,
  • Discuss important points of Excel.
  • Excel exercises: Another example, which might be a great thing for students to reproduce themselves
Make my own video lecture.
Week 5,

  • Take home pay spreadsheet exercise.  Serita.
Do students know how to write anymore?  Clive Thompson on the New Literacy

Week 5,
What are the implications of technology?
  • Quiz 2.
  • What does a spreadsheet do poorly?  What do we lose by using Microsoft Word?  What do we gain?
  • Discuss Clive Thompson article.
  • (Did we talk about this stuff earlier?)
200 Countries, 200 years, 4 Minutes

Week 6,
Data visualization & Data Representation
  • Answer questions about good charts, bad charts.
  • Given some data, create some bad charts.
  • Given some bad charts, make them good.
  • (these are just ideas.)
  • Introduction to
  • Quiz 2 review. (or later this week) Assignment (if we are flipping the classroom, this should be done in class...)

Week 6
How is text stored on a computer?
  • Have student groups come up with a way to encode messages with numbers, then encode a short message and send it to others.  Do they encode digits?  Spaces?  Caps?  How many bytes does it take?
  • What about japanese characters?  How to encode those now?
  • How about a black and white picture?  Students can come up with schemes to do this.
Good reading on image formats/sizes and compression.
Good reading on video formats/sizes and compression

Here is the reading guide for both readings above.

Week 6,

  • Store pictures in different formats and compare sizes of files.  How about movies?  Can we get some movies and compare sizes?
Technology addiction

Week 7,
Cyber addictions, security, privacy, etc.
  • Serita/Keith: Can you suggest readings from Blown to Bits?
Pornography use in US (Catholic source)
Evangelical perspective on porn
Is porn really addictive?
Women and pornography
Need *positive* articles/perspectives on technology.  All of this is so negative.
Week 7,

Week 7,

  • Quiz 3