Watching Guide for "Making Stuff Smaller", from 9:27 to 18:41

  1. What is a transistor?  ____________________________________________   What did it make possible? ____________________


  2. The only language that computers understand is _____________________________________________.

  3. How many values can one switch represent?  ___________

  4. How many switches do you need to represent the text on a page? _______________  How about for a second of music? ___________

  5. What makes using transistor switches so much better than mechanical switches? _____________________________________

  6. How many switches (transistors) were on the one-inch chip that the host looks that? _____________________________

  7. What did Gordon Moore predict in the 1960s? _________________________________________________________ 

    What is this prediction called? __________________________________

  8. What happens if you try to make transistors too small and pack them too close together?



  9. What is the IBM engineer growing in her high-tech oven? ______________________________