Reading Guide for "How Web Servers Work"

  1. What are the two basic steps that bring a web page to your screen?

    ________________________________________ and ________________________________________

  2. What three parts comprise a URL?

    ______________________________, ____________________________________,


  3. What kind of HTTP request does the browser (or "client') send to the server?


  4. What does a web server send back to the browser?


  5. What two kinds of machines are on the Internet?

    _______________ and ____________________

  6. The machine on which you run a web browser (like Firefox or Chrome) is the

    __________________ and the machine at Yahoo that sends web pages to be displayed on your machine

    is the ___________________.

  7. What two other servers does the article mention that may be running on a server machine on the Internet?

    _______________ and _____________________