Gapminder Data Visualization Assignment

For this assignment, you need to use's Gapminder World to investigate some relationships between statistics over time.  I suggest you think about some issues related to your major.  If you are a biology major or nursing major, think about some issues related to global health.  If you are an education major, consider education issues worldwide.  International Development major?  Perhaps energy or health or population growth.  Business major?  Something related to global economics.

For this assignment, you need to come up with a gapminder visualization for which you can answer these questions:

1. Describe the different values you are charting over time.  (3 pts)
2. Describe the results in general.  What relationships do you see displayed generally?   (7 pts)
3. Describe some exceptions to the results -- where are there outliers.  Can you explain why those data points are outliers?  (Perhaps you cannot, which is OK, although it would be better if you could.)  (5 pts)
4. What new questions do you have, now that you've learned something about the data?  List two new questions.  (10 pts)

Total: 25 points.

Write the answers to these questions in a document (Word or pdf or text) and submit it via moodle.  Use complete sentences.  Write well!