An Analysis of How to Use Technology Best

IDIS 110 for Prof. Victor Norman

Many of us have most of the following devices and capabilities:
All of these devices/capabilities are mechanisms to communicate. How does a Christian Calvin student best choose which communication mechanism to use at which time? How often, how long, and in what situations should a Christian Calvin student use these technologies each day?

Write a one to two page paper summarizing your thoughts on these questions.  (You may use Microsloth Word, Google docs, or something on a Mac.) 

I want you to be idealistic. That is, I want you to think about the best use of these technologies.  You must write a section on each technology that you personally use.  (So, if you never use IMing you don't have to write about IMing.  If you never talk to anyone face-to-face, you don't have to write a section on that.)

You may format your thoughts as a bulleted list of rules. Example:

Rules Regarding Texting

Rules Regarding Email

Please use complete sentences in your writing.

Part 2

After completing your thoughts on the best use of the various communication mechanisms, then please write a section in your paper in which you "confess" the ways in which you do not follow these idealistic rules.

Grading rubric: