Video Walkthrough: Installing Eclipse for C++ Development on Your Computer

Installing Eclipse for C++ development on any operating system involves several steps:
  1. Make certain that Java, a C++ compiler, debugger, and the make utility are installed on your system. If not, install them.
  2. Make certain the folder containing your C++ compiler is in your PATH variable. If not, modify the PATH variable to include that folder.
  3. Install the Eclipse IDE for Java developers.
  4. Install CDT, the C++ plugin for Eclipse.
  5. Test your installation.
If you already have Eclipse for Java developers installed on your computer, then you just need to complete steps 1, 2, 4, and 5, in that order.

In each of the videos below, we install three free and open source GNU tools:

Choose one of the links below, based on your computer's operating system:

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