2. Setting the PATH variable in Windows XP

The second step is to set the System's PATH variable to include C:\cygwin\bin\, so that Eclipse can find g++, gdb, and make:
  1. On your computer, select Start->Settings->Control Panel->System:
  2. A "System Properties" dialog box will appear. Click it's Advanced tab:
  3. Click the Environment variables button:
  4. An Environment Variables dialog box will appear. In the System variables section, scroll down until you find the PATH variable. Select this variable:
  5. Click the Edit button to edit the value of this variable.
  6. At the end of the "Variable value:" box, add
  7. Click the OK button in each dialog box, until they have all disappeared.
  8. Congratulations! The folder containing g++, gdb, and make is now in your System's PATH, which will allow Eclipse to find them!

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