The basic PC administration is the first course in the Project Connect sequence. It covers the following topics:

Connect class at Centrepointe Church

  1. PC Hardware and Operating Systems - This session covers how to interconnect all the components of a Personal Computer (PC), introduces the basics of how to use the Windows Operating System, and discusses how to secure your system.
  2. PC Applications - This session reviews the common application software packages and introduces the basics of word processing applications.
  3. Using the Internet - This session discusses how to use internet services like the world-wide web and email.
  4. Taking IT home - In this session, we'll make the final preparations for taking your machine home, including installing a modem into each machine.

All the software used in these sessions is free or open, and is readily available on the Internet. The particular versions used can be found here.

If possible, we will schedule a follow-up visit in which we check how things are going once the machine is home. As a guide, we'll go through the following checklist.