Students who complete this lab will demonstrate that they can:

Using these Lab Exercises

Please keep the following things in mind as you do the lab exercises in this course:

Operating Systems

To design and implement algorithms on a computer, you must first know how to control the basic operations of the computer. This is one the fundamental purposes of the operating system. Study the tutorial appropriate for the operating system that you will be using in these labs. It is important for craftspeople to know their tools well, so we suggest that you at least review the material even if you’ve used the system in the past.

If you’ve been instructed to work in teams, please revert to working as individuals for this exercise (only).

Exercise 1.1

Do the following things on your development system:

  1. Verify that you do not have a directory named computing (it should have been completely removed at the end of the UNIX/Linix introduction).
  2. Create a sub-directory for this course named cs108;
  3. Create a sub-directory inside your cs108 directory called lab01
  4. Create a text file using Processing that contains:
    • your full name,
    • why you are taking this class, and
    • your major (or ones you are considering) together with an explanation of why you have chosen (or are considering) that major.
    Everything in this file should be contained within a multi-line comment. Save this (valid) Processing program in your new lab01 directory as aboutMe. (Note: Processing will create a directory called aboutMe that contains the file aboutMe.pde.)

Practice Checking In

Submit your solution to this lab exercise using your appropriate submission environment:

If you are instructed to move directly onto lab exercise 2, then be sure to leave open the option of submitting further files before moving on to lab 2.