All homework will be submitted electronically. This tutorial explains how to do this remotely using Moodle.

Submitting Assignments in Moodle

Moodle supports the uploading of files for programming assignments. You can do this as follows:

  1. Preparing the files for submission - Because programs tend to comprise multiple files (e.g., code files, image files, data files), it is best to zip them up into a single zip file for submission. Do this as follows:
    1. Find the directory containing the files you want to submit. The directory should contain only those files that must be submitted.
    2. Click mouse-right on the directory and choose “Send to”-“Compressed (zipped) folder”.
  2. Submitting the files - You can submit the zipped file as follows:
    1. Go to the Moodle page for the given assignment.
    2. Upload your zip files one-by-one by choosing them and then uploading them.
    3. If you want to complete your submission, choose “Submit”, otherwise you can skip this step, add more files and then submit later. After you’ve submitted an assignment, you cannot add or modify your submitted files.

Note that for lab exercise 1, you’ll want to skip the submit step so that you can submit all the files at the end of lab exercise 2.

If you need help with any part of this process, consult the Moodle help pages or post a question to the class discussion forum.