All homework will be submitted electronically. This tutorial explains how to do this in the UNIX lab.

Submitting Assignments using UNIX

You will use simple UNIX commands to submit lab and homework assignments electronically. You follow the same submission procedure each week. Start by creating all the files required by the given assignment, use cd to go to the directory containing those files, and use cp to copy them into the appropriate submission directory. For example, if you saved all your program, text and image files into the following directory:
and you wanted to submit them to the following directory:
then you would submit that sub-directory all at once as follows:
unix-% cd ~/cs108
unix-% cp -r lab01 /home/cs/108/current/yourLoginID/

Note that the general naming scheme for assignment directories is labNN, homeworkNN, or project where each N is a digit (e.g., lab01 or homework11).

You can use standard UNIX commands to confirm that your submission worked. For example, you could confirm the contents of the lab 1 submission shown above using the following command, which will list the files that you have successfully submitted to your submission directory:

unix-% ls -l /home/cs/108/current/yourLoginID/lab01

Review the unix tutorial for examples on how this could work.