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Chapter 14

If you wish to do the experiments in this part of the book, but do not have access to a dedicated intranet lab, you might consider using an Emulab. As I have gone through this part of Professor Comer's book, I have found some experiments that are very amenable to an Emulab solution, some that (at the present time) do not seem so amenable, and at least one that is harder in an Emulab environment but whose challenges have a high payoff in what can be learned. I have prepared separate notes for the experiments that I have been able to do on the Calvin Emulab. I have included material on the Gateway Project in Chapter 8 even though it is somewhat out of place, and a special exercise in routing.

A very helpful reference on the Emulab commands added to ns is Testbed NS Command Extensions.

Chapter 8 Routing Exercise Experiment 15.1
Experiment 15.2 Experiment 15.3 Experiment 16.1
Experiment 16.2 Experiment 16.3 Experiment 17.1
Experiment 17.2 Experiment 17.3 Experiment 17.4
Experiment 18.1 Experiment 18.2 Experiment 18.3

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