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Hands-On Networking: Acknowledgements


It would be impossible to acknowledge all the people who have contributed, directly or indirectly, to this project. I would like to mention a few people whose contribution has been above and beyond.

Douglas E. Comer, for his books, and, now, for the opportunity of learning from him in so many unexpected ways.

My colleagues in the Computer Science Department at Calvin College. First, Joel Adams, who got me into the computer networks game, albeit in a sneaky way, and who has provided invaluable assistance in the C language and operating systems concepts. Second, Harry Plantinga for his freely given advice on web matters, Jeremy Frens for his help in installing software, and Keith VanderLinden for his encouragement.

My colleagues at Calvin Information Technology. First, Brian Baas, who team-taught with me the first Comuter Networks course offered at Calvin and has been an invaluable resource ever since. Second, Jeff Greenfield, with whom I have shared the thrill of inspecting many packets in hex and who has answered so many questions over the past several years. Third, Sam Anema, who has helped me in so many ways with Solaris.

Calvin students in the networks course. I do not believe that there is a line on this site that was not written with you in mind. Special thanks to David Vos whose hand will be seen at several critical points.

My son Tim for his work on the appearance of the site.

Tony VanBrakel and Art Bidwell who got me into programming at ASA in West Chester, Pennsylvania and Steve Halsey from whom I learned so much while working at Datacare in Roanoke, Virginia

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