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Chapter 16

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The experiments in this chapter are best done in a dedicated intranet lab. They each require downloading of software so I will take some time to go over some basic install procedures.

Installing software on Windows machines tends to be easy. Most installations these days are done through an installer. Download the installer, execute it, and everything is done for you.

Linux installs are often almost as easy. For example, in SuSE 9.3, you simply run YaST and choose Install and Remove Software. You then search for the package you want to install, and it all happens.

In this chapter Professor Comer gives basic instructions on installing from source code. You download a .tar.gz file, putting it in some convenient directory. In that directory you then type tar xvf file.tar.gz. This creates a subdirectory with a name similar to that of the source file. You change directory to that directory and type

  • ./configure
  • make
  • make install

To be honest this does not always go well. I have had a particularly terrible time trying to install ethereal this way, but in the case of what is required in this chapter, there were only minor problems.

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