The Computer Science department subscribes to the Azure DevTools for Teaching program, providing students enrolled in qualifying classes to a wide variety of licensed Microsoft products and software.

All Calvin students currently enrolled in CS104 and higher, IS2xx and higher, DATA1xx and higher, excluding those only enrolled in CSx95
When will I get access:
All students enrolled in qualifying classes should have access within two weeks of the start of a semester.
How long do I have access:
Access is allowed for as long as you maintain and active Calvin University status.
  1. Open in a new window or tab.
  2. Click "Sign in", the blue button link halfway down the screen on the right side.
  3. On the "Sign in" page, use the username: '' - fill in with your username. Example:
  4. After being redirected to Calvin Sign-in page, finish the login process with your password.
  5. Accept and agree to the subscription agreement, etc.
  6. On the Azure dashboard, click "Software".
  7. Search for and download the software you require.

Frequently Asked Questions