This trip will provide opportunities to serve and learn about computing in Christian schools in the Dominican Republic. Participants will have the opportunity to visit computer labs in Christian schools and work alongside a group of Dominican computer teachers. Students will join a group of teachers for a three-day workshop focused on the relationship between faith and technology while learning to use the Raspberry Pi in K-12 education. Participants will work in pairs to prepare a simple presentation using the Raspberry Pi, which will be shared as part of the larger workshop. The course will begin on campus with class lectures discussing appropriate technology and approaches to development work. Students will then prepare a lesson using the Raspberry Pi to share with teachers in the Dominican Republic. After arriving in the DR, students will tour Christian schools and cultural sites to learn more about the context and culture. Students will then present and share the material they prepared at a workshop for local teachers. Finally, students will reflect and write about their experience after returning to Calvin.

Core: Pending approval, the intent is that this course will fulfill the CCE requirement.
Dates: January 3–23, 2019.
Estimated cost: $1894
Prerequisite: CS104, CS106, or CS108 and an interest in computing and education or permission of the instructor.

We plan to be working with the Raspberry Pi, so experience with the Raspberry Pi will be an asset, but not a requirement. To read more about some previous service trips, see Introducing Open Source and the Raspberry Pi to Schools in Developing Nations. Various cultural excursions will also be planned.

This trip is being planned in partnership with EduDeo Ministries. See the CS W60 syllabus for further information. Email Derek Schuurman if you have questions.

Application Process

To apply, please complete Calvin's application process. Applications will be assessed on a first-come-first-served basis.


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