In this final project assignment, you will conceive of, design and implement a GUI-based Java application. Your project can implement an application of your choice. Examples include the following:

We will discuss the components and complexity required for this project.

Deliverables and Grading

The following project “deliverables” are required:

  1. Project Proposal - This is a brief, written proposal for your project.
  2. Project Design - This is a planning document for your project.
  3. Project Walkthrough - This is a walk-through of your project code with one of us.
  4. Project Showcase - This is an showcase in which everyone exhibits their final project.
  5. Project Submission - This is your final submission of all your project code and resources.

If you intend to use code from other people outside of the class, talk to us first, and remember that we'll grade you on the code you wrote, not on what other people wrote. If you do may make use of existing code and libraries, be sure to clearly indicate who wrote what parts of the code; using code without proper attribution is a form of plagiarism.