Create a design document specifying the key functionality of each component of your project. At a minimum, you should list each class that will be necessary for your project. For each class, list the data that the class will be responsible for (instance variables), and what communication will be required (i.e. methods). Include an initial guess of what the interface will look like and how the output will be presented (a picture/drawing could be very useful here). Also consider what aspects of your design you will test.

The final component of the design document is a phased implementation plan. List at least two intermediate steps that you will use to mark progress in completing your project.

For this deliverable a number of formats are permissible:

In each case, submit your design through Moodle by uploading your document.

Here is an example design of a mine sweeper game:
an example initial design
The phased implementation might state that the introduction and conclusion animation sequences were optional.

Remember, the more clearly you specify your design at this stage, the easier your programming will be later (the hard part, the thinking, will already be finished!!)

Checking In

You will get full credit for this assignment by turning in a reasonable class design specified in an understandable manner.