GUI Interlude 3: Prelab Questions

Print a copy of this page and referring to chapter 6 from Java: An Introduction to Programming, and the lab exercise answer these questions. (You must turn in your answers at the beginning of your laboratory session.)

1. Two methods for drawing a rectangle in the Graphics class are _______________ and ________________.

2. The method that is called whenever a component needs to be drawn is __________________

3. The x and y coordinates given to drawOval() is the ________ ________ corner of the rectangle bounding the oval.

4. The x coordinate given to drawString() is the ____________ of the first character and the y coordinate is the ___________ of the first character.

5. The origin of the drawing area is in the __________ _________ corner with x increasing in the ___________ direction and y increasing in the ___________ direction.


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