Information Systems

Information systems is the study of information technology and how it can be leveraged to bring value to an organization. This degree is intended for the student whose primary interests are in information technology and project management. It includes a selection of courses from information systems, computer science, and business. Christian leadership is foundational to the major. Team-building concepts are introduced early in the curriculum, followed by small group projects, and finally a significant class-sized project managed completely by students. Graduates will be equipped for roles in areas such as systems analysis, systems administration and associated software development.


Information Systems Major (BA)

(47-49 semester hours)

Cognates (8 semester hours)

  • STAT-143: Probability and Statistics
  • MATH-132: Calculus for Management, Life, and Social Sciences (preferred) or MATH-171: Calculus I

The following course schedule provides a suggested framework for students pursuing this degree who have very limited exposure to computing concepts.

*NOTE: If CS108 is taken in Fall of the Freshman year, it should be immediately followed by CS112 the following Spring in the Freshman year.  The suggested program is for those who may prefer a more gradual build up of software coding skills.

*** DATA 202 may eventually change to a Spring course.

  • IS/CS 300 elective
  • BUS/ECON 300 elective
  • CS 295
  • IS/CS 300 elective
  • BUS/ECON 300 elective
  • BUS 359 or CS 394
  • CS 295

Information Systems Minor

(18-19 semester hours)

  • One of:
    • IS-141: Computing with Databases and IS-171: Computing with Spreadsheets
    • IS-175: Productivity Software
  • DATA-202: Information Systems and Data Management
  • CS-108: Introduction to Computing
  • Nine hours of additional electives selected from CS-112CS-262, 300-level computer science or information systems courses, BUS 315 or an approved interim, including at least one 300-level course.

Systems Analyst, Software developer/engineer, Database administrator, Network/system administrator, Information security, Web developer

Participate in student/faculty summer research; work for the audio-visual department or Calvin Information Technology; intern for a local business.

Students in this program are eligible for the following scholarships and awards: