The Department of Computer Science offers the following academic programs. To learn more about our academics goals, see our program outcomes.

Calvin’s ABET-accredited BCS is designed for students who want a more rigorous course of study that provides significant breadth and depth in computer science.
Calvin’s BA in computer science is designed for students whose primary interest is in computer science, but who wish to pursue additional coursework in other academic areas.
Calvin’s BA in information systems is designed for students whose primary interests are in information technology and project management.
Calvin’s BA/BS in Data Science is designed for students with good quantitative and analytical skills who want to create original tools or combine existing tools in novel ways to solve “big data” problems.
Calvin's digital communication major integrates communication, and computer science. The program is geared specifically towards students who are interested in studying information and communication in a broader sense.
This page gives information on graduating with honors from the Department of Computer Science.
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