Computer Science (B.A./B.S.)

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science is intended for the student whose primary interest is in Computer Science, but who wishes to pursue additional coursework in other academic areas (e.g., bioinformatics, media studies). It shares most of its courses with the BCS degree, but provides flexibility by requiring fewer courses.

Students whose BA program in computer science includes at least 58 hours of mathematics, computer science or natural science can request a B.S. degree.


Computer Science Major (BA)

(36-40 semester hours)

Cognates (20 semester hours)

  • ENGR-220 Intro to Computer Architecture
  • MATH-251 Discrete Math for Computer Science 1
  • MATH-252 Discrete Math for Computer Science 2
  • One from:
  • One from:

The following course schedule provides a suggested framework for students pursuing a BA (or BS) in CS.



* MATH 171, 172, and STAT 243 are preferred, but students may choose to take STAT 143 and (MATH 171 or 132) instead.

Computer Science Minor

(20-24 semester hours)

  • One from:
    • CS-106 Intro Scientific Computation & Modeling
    • CS-108 Introduction to Computing
  • CS-112 Introduction to Data Structures
  • Three elective courses (of at least 3 credit hours) from:
    • CS-212 Data Structures and Algorithms
    • CS-214 Programming Language Concepts
    • CS-232 Operating Systems and Networking
    • CS-262 Software Engineering
    • CS-295 Computing Seminar
    • CS-312 Logic, Computability and Complexity
    • CS-320 Advanced Computer Architecture
    • CS-324 Digital Divide
    • CS-332 Advanced Computer Networks
    • CS-336 Web Development
    • CS-338 System Administration
    • CS-342 Database Management Systems
    • CS-344 Artificial Intelligence
    • CS-352 Computer Graphics
    • CS-372 Numerical Analysis
    • CS-374 High Performance Computing
    • IS-333 Network Administration
    • IS-337 Introduction to Website Administration
    • IS-371 Information Systems Leadership
    • ENGR-220 Introduction to Computer Architecture
    • ENGR-325 Computer Architecture & Digital Systems Design
    • At most one approved interim course.
    • At most one elective may be taken from:
      • IS-337 Introduction to Website Administration

Computer science research, Software developer/engineer, Database administrator, Network/system administrator, Information security, Web developer

Abstraction; Calvin Video Network; Visual Arts Guild; work in CIT (Calvin Information Technology)

Students in this program are eligible for the following scholarships and awards: