Information Systems 337

Website Administration

Instructor: Harry Plantinga

Course objectives: This course is on web development and the administration of websites. We'll study the setup and administration of a Web server and a website, and we'll create web pages and websites with custom code and with a content management system. We'll also talk about higher level issues, including design, usability, promotion, performance, and ethical issues.

Putting all this knowledge to use, we will work in teams to create websites for specific tasks.

Topics covered:

The platforms to be used include Ubuntu linux, Apache, MySQL, and the Drupal content management system.

Prerequisites: Computer Science 106 or 108 or another introductory programming course. Some familiarity with HTML and CSS is recommended.

Course outcomes:

Students successfully completing this course will demonstrate knowledge and abilities to:

  1. Use HTML and CSS to build a website
  2. Configure a Linux server with Apache, MySQL, and other software needed for setting up a website
  3. Set up and configure a website using the Drupal content management system
  4. Build a website for a local nonprofit organization or another project
  5. Write some JavaScript and PHP code for use in a website
  6. Select and implement appropriate publishing and hosting options
  7. Knowledgeably discuss practical, legal, and ethical issues associated with administering a website