The most important component of any paper you write is well reasoned content. No amount of flashy dodads, catchy trinkets. weird color schemes will ever change this. Having said this, however, the medium by which you present your paper can help you enhance the content of your paper. And so forth... By the end of this introduction, your reader should really want to click the "next" button to get to the paper content sections. If you don't motivate them to do so, it will be too easy for them to go visit facebook or some other internet-based diversion.

You'll note that these pages are just simple, plain, boring black text on a white background. This tends to be easier to read, so when in doubt, stick with black (or very dark) text on a white (or very light) background. In general, I'd suggest following this sample format unless you have a good reason to vary things. If you have any questions about how your website is working, just let me take a look at it and give you some feedback before the due date.

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[Bridging Between Traditional Formatting and Hypertext Formatting, Keith Vander Linden, IDIS 110, Spring, 2006]