Some Title for Content Section 1

Surely, you will have at least one section full of content to present. Perhaps you'll have a background or motivation section, a related work section, etc. Present the content sections in order with the appropriate "previous" and "next" links. Remember to hyperlink your bibliography for all references you include in the text. Also be sure to check your spelling (by choosing "Text"-"Check Spelling").

Your content sections are likely to contain references to citations in your bibliography like this one (Remelts, 2003). Frequently, you will want to include lengthy quotations from your references, such as the following:

As a researcher you carefully thought about and selected your topic, chose the best databases, defined your search terms and search strategies, and located the materials in your citation lists. Now, you need to evaluate their worth. Quantity: The first question you should ask is if you have a sufficient number of sources. ... Quality: After you are sure you have enough sources that cover all aspects of your topic, you need to ask a second question: How good are these sources? (Remelts, 2003, section 5, page1)

To create a block quote like this, you can enter the text, select it, and then choose "Insert"-"HTML"-"Text Objects"-"Block Quote".

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[Bridging Between Traditional Formatting and Hypertext Formatting, Keith Vander Linden, IDIS 110, Spring, 2006]