IDIS 110: Lab 7
SB 372

In this lab exercise, we'll work with digital images using digital cameras and Macromedia Flash. The pictures you take will serve as the basis for your work in project #7. Now, do the following:

  1. Take a digital photo - Divide into pairs, borrow a digital camera from your instructor and insert a floppy disk. You should format your disk to make sure that it has space for your image files. Do this either on one of the lab machines (by clicking mouse-right on the A: drive) or using the digital camera (by choosing "Menu"-"Disk"-"Format"). Now, with the cyborg project in mind, take a picture of each other. You may wish to leave the room, go outside, etc. to get a picture with a setting that you like.
  2. Digitally modify your photo - Back in the lab, insert the floppy disk into the computer and transfer your chosen picture to your F: drive. Open the picture in Macromedia FireWorks and annotate it with your name somewhere on the image (by selecting the "Text" tool on the tool bar and typing your name onto the image). Remember to store your modified picture, saving it as a JPEG image with a different file name. Here's an example.
  3. Mess with Fireworks (optional) - If there is time, you can play around with the image manipulation features provided by Fireworks. You could do any of the following:

Alternatively, you may use a picture that you've taken with your own digital camera or scan a photograph using a scanner in this lab. If you need help with Fireworks, you can choose "Help"-"Learning Fireworks" and then open the "Getting Started with Fireworks MX 2004" tutorial.

Checking in: Attach your modified picture to your lab #7 submission. Remember to return your camera and floppy disk (if you borrowed them)at the end of the class period.

This exercise is based on a similar assignment by Jeff Nyhoff.
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