IDIS 110: Lab 1
SB 372

In this lab exercise, we will familiarize ourselves with three basic information technologies at Calvin: Knightvision, electronic mail and Novell network drives. If you have any questions about any of these exercises, don't hesitate to ask me for help.

Start by logging into your windows lab machine using the Novell login and password you received during orientation.

1. Knightvision

For this exercise, I'd like you to use Knightvision to answer some preliminary questions on your knowledge of research and information technology. To fill out the survey:

2. Electronic Mail

For this exercise, you'll use Microsoft Word to create a small information sheet on yourself using Microsoft Word. Do this as follows:

You can find information on how to contact me on my home page and on how to contact the grader on the course administrivia page.

3. Your Novell Network Drive

For this final exercise, move your autobiography Word document from your local hard drive (C:) to your Novell network drive (G: by default in the lab). This will ensure that your file stay private, that it will be automatically backed up by Calvin's standard backup routines, and that you can access the file from any machine on campus.

One easy way to do this is to use the Windows Explorer, as follows:

When you are finished with all the exercises, remember to log out of MS Windows. If you don't you session may stand open for anyone else to use.

Checking in: When you've done with the 3 exercises, you are finished with this lab.

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