IDIS 110

Research and Information Technology

Course Policies - Syllabus

Overview: A first-year introduction to the computer and to college-level research skills, making full, but discriminating use of current electronic information technology and the resources of the Hekman Library, wiht a discussion of the cultural impact of computer technoloyg and the ethical responsibilities of its users.


Harry Plantinga
299 North Hall


Section B: M 9:00 am
Section E: M 12:30 pm
Section F: M 1:30 pm

Final Exam/presentation:

Section B: T, 12/14, 1:30 pm
Section E: Th, 12/16, 1:30 pm
Section F: W, 12/14, 9:00 am

Textbook: Being Fluent and Faithful in a Digital World [webbook]

Prerequisites: basic use of Microsoft Windows, word processing, and email