IDIS 110 -- Research and Information Technology

Course Policies

Instructor: Harry Plantinga

Office Hours: M 2:30-3:20, W 12:30-1:20, Th, F 1:30-2:20, or by appointment

Labs and Projects: Each week, there will be a lecture, a lab, and a project. The lab is a step-by-step exercise on the week's topic normally completed in class. The Project makes use of the knowledge and skills from the lecture and lab for the week, but step-by-step instructions are not provided.

Term project: The term project will make use of the various research and computer skills learned during the semester to explore in depth one social or ethical issue in computing in more depth. The project will be presented through a web page and a set of powerpoint slides, presented orally during the final exam period.

Quizes: There will be three quizzes during the semester. There will be no other tests. Quizzes are to be taken at the assigned time. If you have a good reason for needing a change of time, you must talk to me in advance of the scheduled test time.

Getting Help: There will be a lab attendant in the RIT lab Monday through Thursday, 7:00 to 9:00 pm. This should be your first stop for getting help with RIT projects. You can also get help from your instructor, and he can refer you to other sources of assistance.

Attendance is required. I will occasionally take attendance; I also sometimes notice someone is absent even if I haven't taken attendance. I will report excessive absences to the student life office.

Grading: The weekly labs and projects will constitute 40% of the semester grade. The quizzes will constitute another 30%, the final project and presentation 25%, and participation 5%.

Late Policy: Projects and labs will be penalized 10% up to 6 days late, 20% if 7-13 days late, etc.

Incompletes: Incomplete grades will not be given except for strong extenuating circumstances, such as significant illness or a death in the family.

Collaboration: You are encouraged to discuss and work with others for the labs, though you should be doing your own input and typing (and not just copying from someone else's screen, either). You may also discuss your projects with other students, but the work should be your own.

Accommodations Calvin will make reasonable accommodations for persons with documented disabilities. Students should notify the Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities located in the Student Academic Services, HH 455. Students should notify their instructors within the first two weeks of class.