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Packages that use Event
c11files.calgorythmic.lab This library implements Calgorythmic's basic model of musical pieces. 
c11files.calgorythmic.midi This library implements an event-based API to the Java MIDI library. 

Uses of Event in c11files.calgorythmic.lab

Methods in c11files.calgorythmic.lab that return types with arguments of type Event
 java.util.List<Event> Chord.getEvents(int type)

Uses of Event in c11files.calgorythmic.midi

Methods in c11files.calgorythmic.midi that return types with arguments of type Event
 java.util.List<Event> Beat.getEvents()

Methods in c11files.calgorythmic.midi with parameters of type Event
 void Beat.addEvent(Event event)
          This routine adds an event to this beat

Method parameters in c11files.calgorythmic.midi with type arguments of type Event
 void Beat.addEvents(java.util.List<Event> events)
          This routine adds a list of events to the current beat.