MinimumAccount is another basic class of a package of bank accounts. It implements an account that has a minimum balance. If the balance falls below the minimum, then a fee is charged. This class is abstract. This class extends ProtectedAccount.


public MinimumAccount ( String name, String pin, double min, double penalty)


Receives: the name, pin, minimum, and penalty amounts for the account:

Postcondition: superclass constructor has been called, the minimum and penalty have been set:


public void withdraw( double amount, String pin)

Over ride the basic withdraw method.

Receives: the amount of the withdraw and a trial pin

Postcondition: superclass withdraw is called. If the balance falls below the minimum, the given fee will be charged.


public double computeFees()

Over ride the fee computation method.

Postcondition: superclass computeFees is called. If the balance has fallen below the minimum this month, add the fee value to the other fees.



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