Cleaning up after SDK

Cleaning Up Your Project

The various files you have created take up valuable disk space, and so we will remove all of the files from 0 except for our source program (the others can always be easily regenerated from your source program.) To remove, enter

   % rm Mult.old

The rm command removes (or deletes) whatever file you specify. Note that it does not ask you for confirmation! (If you want such confirmation, call rm with the -i switch.) Earlier we saw that when rm is invoked with the -r switch, it recursively removes a directory and everything within it.

Use the rm command to remove the files typescript, (a back-up file created by xemacs) and the executable file Mult.class. Then use the ls command to verify that all of the files except and the ann directory are gone. If there are other files remaining in your 0 directory, use the rm command to remove them, as well.

Then end your session with the computer, following your instructor's instructions.


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