Using Swing with Code Warrior

Java 2 on MacOS

At the time this was written, MRJ (Apple's runtime environment for Java) does not support the Java 2 standard. The MetroWorks compiler will compile Java 2 code, but it will generate an error when you attempt to run it on the Mac.

The method parseDouble() is therefore not supported. You can accomplish the same thing by replacing:

   double age = Double.parseDouble(ageString);


   double age = Double.valueOf(ageString).doubleValue();


Swing on MacOS

The swing package is supported by MRJ. To get it to work you will need to add the library swingall.jar. It should be in the directory:

   CodeWarrior Pro 5:Metroworks CodeWarrior:Java Support:Libraries. 

Make sure your project is open in IDE and click and drag swingall.jar to your project window (the XXXX.mcp window, where XXXX is the name of your project.).


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