A Christian Field Guide to Technology

for Engineers and Designers

Book cover

A Christian Field Guide to Technology for Engineers and Designers is a new book about faith, technology, and engineering. In a nutshell, this is a Biblically-based field guide for engineers and others working with technology to responsibly navigate today's technological terrain. The book is published by InterVarsity Academic Press and is co-authored by three engineers with industry experience.

"It is common in Christian higher education circles to discuss the intersection of faith and learning. Often, this is highly abstract and conceptual and in fields like engineering, computer science, and design, these discussions seem far removed from the technical problems those trained in these fields are trying to solve. The three authors of this work have worked both in industry and academia and bring their experience together with a well-informed faith to offer a work that digs into the specifics of how Christian faith informs design, ethics, and the uses technology serves for the common good." (Bob Trube, Associate Director Faculty Ministry/Emerging Scholars Network at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA).

The video above is a recording of the book launch at Calvin University. The links below provide additional resources related to the book: