Updates to Hands On C++

Joel C. Adams
Department of Computer Science
Calvin College

The updates below are arranged most-recent-to-least-recent:

Exercise Update Description Date
4 Corrected translation of "messy" Nov 7, 2001
3 Deleted redundant text "Since we have already declared parameter..." Sep 26, 2001
0 Added instructions for using man
Added reminder about system prompt when typing qwerty
Sep 26, 2001
11 Replaced GenderName with Gender in driver.cpp (all versions) May 8, 2001
10 Fixed typo in files pierre1.cpp and pierre2.cpp;
Moved comment for multiplication operation definition from Fraction.h to Fraction.cpp
April 17, 2001
8 Corrected file encode.cpp to not include the fstream header file, as stated in the exercise
Also fixed HTML in the exercise to refer to fstream correctly
Apr 13, 2001
4 Updated project 4.1 to handle words beginning with 'qu' (e.g., quiet, quack) Feb 20, 2001
0 Replaced incorrect bases.old with correct bases.save Jan 31, 2001
10 Simplified Simplify() algorithm May 3, 2000
9 Fixed <Type> typos in vector library quick references
Replaced erroneous references to <algorithm> to correct <numeric>
Replaced underscores with subscript tags to denote vector index values
May 3, 2000
12 Replaced obsolete references to theBoard with correct references to theGame May 2, 2000
10 Project 10.2: Updated formula exponent to use superscripts,
added explicit-value constructor, root-finding to operations
April 19, 2000
2, 7 Updated formulas' exponents to use superscripts in Projects 2.3, 7.4, and 13.1 April 19, 2000
9 Added missing definition of element
Deleted extraneous prototype and documentation of Sum() from DoubleVectorOps.doc
April 11, 2000
4 Replaced int with unsigned in gnu exercise Feb 29, 2000
3b Fixed several typos in all versions of exercise 3b Feb 22, 2000
3a Lab 3a: Fixed erroneous metric.exe in Visual C++ version Feb 22, 2000
3a Project 3a: Fixed erroneous lbs-to-kgs conversion value Feb 14, 2000
1 Project 1.1: Fixed erroneous formula for area of a circle Feb 10, 2000
12 Project 12.1: Fixed typo in algorithm step b.2), by replacing "row i" with "row r" Dec 1, 1999
3a Removed extraneous "not" from Operations list description for assert()
Revised explanations accompanying Coding steps 1 and 2
Fixed typo in Coding step 3 of GNU version (replaced "step 2" with "step 3")
Sep 24, 1999

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