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Joel C. Adams
Department of Computer Science
Calvin College

Note: Except for labs 0 and 1, each of the exercises in this lab manual are password protected. (Labs 0 and 1 are left unprotected for examination purposes.)

As of August 15, 1999, this lab manual is being distributed via CD-ROM, with this site being used for updates to the manual. Since that time, exercises 2 and following have been password protected, and the password is given on the lab manual CD.

If you do not have a copy of the lab manual CD you can purchase a copy by ordering the special lab manual value pack version of C++ An Introduction to Computing (2nd Ed.) by Adams, Leestma & Nyhoff. The ISBN number to order this package is 013-081939-5. Further information about this bundle is available from your Prentice-Hall sales representative.

If you already have the textbook (ISBN number 0-13-744392-7) and just want to CD-ROM, you can order the Hands On C++ CD-ROM Lab Manual (ISBN 0-13080648-X) from Prentice-Hall, through your bookstore, or direct from Prentice-Hall's via their customer service 800-number (800-526-0485).

To get started, find out from your instructor what platform you are using and click the appropriate link below:

Your Platform Available For Thanks To
Codewarrior C++ MacOS, Windows95, NT and Solaris Metrowerks
GNU C++ UNIX, Linux, ... The Free Software Foundation
Visual C++ Windows95, NT Microsoft

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