C++ An Introduction to Computing (2nd Ed.)

by Joel Adams, Sanford Leestma, and Larry Nyhoff

This site provides access to the following resources for the second edition of C++ An Introduction to Computing, a introductory computer science text co-authored by faculty from the Department of Computer Science at Calvin College:

ISO/ANSI C++ Standard
(final version)
Example programs On-line lab manual
Transparency masters
(Adobe Acrobat-PDF format)
Additional appendixes
and other materials

(Adobe Acrobat-PDF format)
Powerpoint Presentations Changes and Corrections
Note: The 3rd Printing is
a major revision

A Solutions Manual containing solutions to all of the Exercise sets and most Programming Problems and a disk containing solutions to the Programming Problems are available from the publisher. (Please do not write us asking for these. We don't have them!)

A sequel for CS-2 courses has also been published:

C++ An Introduction to Data Structures

by Larry Nyhoff

Prentice-Hall, 1999
More information about this text is available here.

For information about the Department of Computer Science at Calvin College, contact Joel Adams.