PowerPoint Slides for CS-1

by Joel Adams

Department of Computer Science

Calvin College

This page provides access to PowerPoint presentations to accompany C++ An Introduction to Computing, (2nd Ed., Prentice Hall, 1997) by Joel Adams, Sanford Leestma, and Larry Nyhoff. The presentations were prepared using PowerPoint from MS-Office '97.

There are a total of 42 presentations (one per lecture) spread over 14 weeks of a course. The presentations follow the syllabus we use in our CS-1 course here at Calvin College, but you should feel free to reorganize them however you wish. I have provided the actual PowerPoint source files so that you can customize them to your particular presentation style.

I personally like to make these available to my students before class by printing handouts of them using the Handouts (6 slides per page) format. On an 8.5-by-11" piece of paper, this format three slides per pages down the left-hand column, and prints a right-hand column of blank lines beside each slide in which students can take notes.

The presentations may be downloaded in either of two formats:

I have done these a bit hurriedly, so there are undoubtedly undiscovered typos in the slides. I'll try and keep an error list here as well, with indicators of which of them has been fixed. If you discover a typo that is not on the error list, please email me (using the address at the link below) a summary of the typo, plus the exact text, the slide number, and the name of the file containing the typo. I don't guarantee it will be fixed quickly, but it will get fixed eventually.

I am always open to suggestions on alternative ways to teach a topic, so if you have particular examples that work well, let me know and they can perhaps be incorporated into a subsequent version. Enjoy!

For information about the Department of Computer Science at Calvin College, contact Joel Adams.