Project 6 Grade Sheet

Name, Course, Section:


Hand In:
  1. The answers to the Prelab Questions.
  2. Printouts of piglatin.h, piglatin.cpp, and piglatin.txt.
  3. Execution(s) with the following inputs:
     alphabet         trash            crazy
     eerie            a                Be
     Qatar            QUIET            spry
     gnu              esquire          rhythm
     young            through          under
     juicy            chrysanthemum    your full name
     The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog !
     Did you know that Mr. Quincy Young squashed ubiquitous umbrellas ?

Category Points possible Points received
Answers to Prelab Questions
10 __________
Correctness and efficiency of piglatinlibrary 55 __________
Documentation (for piglatinlibrary, including the
inline comments asked for in Note 2 of the instructions)
10 __________
Style & Readability (meaningful names, indentation,
alignment, white space (between and within statements)
10 __________
Executions 15 __________
Total 100 __________

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