DornerWorks Computer/Software Engineering Scholarship

This scholarship was established by DornerWorks, Ltd. DornerWorks ( is an electronics engineering consulting firm, founded in 2000 by David Dorner, and based in Grand Rapids, MI. DornerWorks helps clients develop products faster, with high quality, and in safety-critical markets, using expertise in electronic hardware, embedded software, and custom logic design. The four principals of the company (David Dorner, Jeffrey Dorner, Todd Burghgraef, and Steven VanderLeest) wish to use this scholarship to encourage students to pursue their calling using their technical gifts and talents. Their goal is to encourage and support prospective and current students interested in pursuing a career in computer/software engineering--especially embedded systems, which is the design of computer hardware and software "behind the scenes" because it is embedded within a larger machine or system. These systems respond to events in real time (e.g., avionics systems in aircraft and electronics in medical devices).

2018/19Dan Karel
2017/18Daniel Weber
2016/17Ethan Clark
2015/16Alexis Bonnema
2014/15Alex Hoekstra
2013/14Cheyne Rushing
2012/13John Kloosterman
2011/12Daniel Ziegler
2010/11Nathan Brink
2009/10Avery Sterk


Award Amount: $2,750
Class Level: SO,JR,SR
Minimum GPA: 3.3
Financial need?: Preferred
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