Syllabus IS341


Instructor: Patrick M. Bailey, MS, Room NH291

Office Hours: Wednesdays, immediately after class

Text Book:

               Required: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Bible, Paul Nielsen, Wiley, 978-0470257043


               Supplemental References:

Beginning T-SQL 2008, Kathy Kellenberger, ISBN 978-1-4302-2461-7 (Kel)

                        DOI =

Beginning SQL Server 2005 for Developers, Robin Dewison, ISBN 978-1-59059-588-6 (Dew)

                              DOI = 

                    Any reference source on ASP.Net and C# is recommended.

Lecture: SB382 (Monday and Wednesday, 4:30) Lab: SB382/337 (Friday, 4:30)


Course Description: (3). F. This course prepares students to set up and administer database servers and clients on a network. Topics include an introduction to database design; SQL programming; principles for interfacing with a database server using the Microsoft Visual Studio development environment (C#, ADO.Net and ASP.NET); issues in data management integrity and security; legal and ethical issues. Prerequisite: 141, 271 or permission of the instructor.


Course Goals and Approach:  The expected outcomes for the course are as follows: