Homework 7: PHP

10 points

Save this Web page on your lab server so that it appears with the URL http://abc123.calvincs.com/~abc123/hw7.php -- and edit it to add PHP to make the changes below.

  1. Add PHP so that the date shows up as the current date instead of 10/31/2017. (If I open it a year from now, it should show the then-current date.)
  2. Add PHP so that when the user enters a number in the box, and the first 100 multiples of that number will be shown.
  3. Add a form with an input box where the user can enter a name. When a name is entered and submitted, the page should store the name in a cookie called "name" with an expiration time of 1 minute.

I'll check your result at the URL above. Also, upload your hw7.php file to moodle so I can see the source code.