Homework 5: Styling your Portfolio

20 points

In this homework you will complete the task of adding a CSS graphical theme to your portfolio website of Lab 2, making your portfolio attractive and usable. We'll look at the entries in class and make suggestions for how they could be improved.


  1. Make a copy of your portfolio directory called portfolio2. Do you work for this homework on portfolio2.
  2. Make sure all CSS formatting is in the stylesheet, not the HTML file
  3. Make sure your pages follow the principles of CRAP design as discussed in class:
  4. Make sure you use in some meaningful way:
  5. Make sure there is good contrast between your text and any background colors or images so that the text is easy to read.
  6. Use the W3C's CSS Validation Service to make sure your stylesheet is syntactically correct.

Turn In

I will check your website directly at the abc123.calvincs.com/~abc123/portfolio2 URL (where abc123 is replaced with your own username). Make sure that that URL works.