Homework 4: CSS Rules

10 points

For the schedule page for this course, write CSS rules that would make the following changes if they were added to the end of the last stylesheet. You'll want to use a view-source option in your browser to see the existing HTML and CSS.

  1. Make the dates all bigger--using 16 point text
  2. Make the text of all Mondays blue, using the "Georgia" font
  3. Changes the text in all h1 elements to upper case
  4. Add 4 points of empty space on all sides of the month names
  5. Add a background image to the page that repeats horizontally and vertically
  6. Increase the width of the border around table cells to 2 points
  7. Change the default font size to 11 point when the schedule is printed
  8. Italicize the contents of the first div inside each table cell. (It should work even if a new div is added.)
  9. Turn the text red for any assignment, reading, or lab that occurs on a holiday
  10. Turn the text red for any homework that comes directly after a lab on the same day

Turn In:

Write your answers in a text document and submit through Moodle.