Checkpoint 4: Custom Theme

20 points

For this checkpoint you will complete a first draft of your custom theme and add a feature for your term project website for Drupal websites. For programming projects, you should be nearing completion, and you should have completed a draft version of the look, and functionality, and content of your website.

For Drupal websites you should implement the following. For programming projects, implement as many as make sense.

  1. Custom theme first draft. Your should implement for your client a subtheme of the base theme you have chosen. It should be in a subdirectory and have its own .info file. It should have overrides for css and php files.
  2. Client's design. Your custom theme should be designed according to your client's needs and specifications. It should have final layout, artwork, menus, images, and the like (except for client's requests for changes).
  3. It should have customized CSS and PHP files.
  4. It should have a PHP template for displaying your custom content type in an attractive manner.
  5. Once your theme (first draft) is complete, you should contact your client and let them know that the first draft theme is complete. Ask them if they have any suggestions for modifying the theme.
  6. You should implement your second feature. This can be a photo gallery, calendar, etc.
  7. Create a Google Analytics account for your client and install Google Analytics on the term project website.
  8. Make sure roles and permissions are set up appropriately (test with a user of each role).

Turn in: Email me when your Checkpoint 4 is complete. Include in the email the name of your custom content type and your two features. I'll check the Website on your systems lab dev virtual host, [yoursite]