Checkpoint 3: Content type, feature, hosting

20 points

For this checkpoint for Drupal projects you will add several features and a custom content type to your term project website. In addition, you will sign up for a Dreamhost account or secure other Web hosting.

For programming projects, get as many of these completed as are relevant to your site. Your site should be about three-quarters done.

You should implement the following:

  1. Get it to respond to the client's preferred domain name with the "" suffix, e.g.
  2. A blog, with permissions set up so that only authorized users can see/create/edit blog entries.
  3. Install a "feature," which could be a calendar or photo gallery, as we will do in lab, or another module that provides a capability your client needs, such as a store, five-star ratings, wiki, chat, discussion forums, etc. If it is something other than a photo gallery or calendar of events, you should find and install an appropriate module. Talk to me for suggestions/approval.

    Set up permissions appropriately so that only authorized users can see/create/edit content such as photos or calendar entries as needed for your site.

  4. Create a custom content type relevant to your client's website. It could be a sermon, worship service, task, person, program, etc. The content type should have appropriate fields for your application. Later we'll customize the way the content type displays, so don't worry about that for now. Set permissions for the various roles appropriately.
  5. Install Mollom or reCAPTCHA to protect against bots adding spam to your site. Configure it to protect whatever types of user-added content your site supports.
  6. Work with your client to request a free hosting account and domain name at according to these instructions. If that isn't appropriate for your project, secure another hosting provider and domain name.
  7. Real content. Your home page, about page, and other areas where possible should have real, draft-final content (writing and images).

Turn in: I'll check the project website as linked on the projects page. I'll need to log in as an administrator to check various things, so make sure you have authorize the hpau and hpad accounts I will create appropriately.