Checkpoint 2: Initial Website

20 points

For this checkpoint (in the Drupal verison of the term project) you should set up a Drupal website for your client, select a suitable theme, and install it. (You can customize the theme later, but it will save effort if you find one that has the features you need--menus, columns, responsive design,etc.) You'll also enter some basic information and perform some initial configuration.

In the last lab you set up two virtual hosts on your VM web server: and You'll select one of the team's servers and make that the development site for your term project. You'll also select a domain name you would like to use for your term project, e.g. I'll set up a DNS entry for and point it to that VM's IP address. You should configure that VM to respond to that domain name appropriately as well. So you will need to tell me what domain name you would like to use for your term project and what VM (IP address) it will reside on.

Your site should have the following elements:

  1. Your client's domain name choice
  2. A theme with the menu and column layout your client desires
  3. The final site title, slogan, and mission should be entered and displayed as desired by your client
  4. Primary and secondary menus should be set up as needed for the final Website.
    • The primary menu should have at least the links Home and About. The linked About page should have information about the site.
    • The secondary menu should have at least the links Contact Us and Privacy. Just make a dummy Privacy page for now.
  5. You should set up roles that will be needed and give them appropriate permissions. You'll at least need roles for authenticated users and administrator. You'll probably also need a role for users who add information, e.g. editor.
  6. If your client needs a domain name, work with them to purchase it.
  7. For now, your website will be accessible at and located on your virtual machine.

The requirements above pertain to Drupal projects. Programming projects are more varied, so specifying requirements for checkpoints is more difficult. However, you should have a prototype site running with as many of the features below as possible, including title, slogan, menus, an About page, a dummy privacy policy and contact pages.

Turn in: I'll check the Website on your systems lab dev virtual host, aka