IS 333 Lab: Setting Up Clients and Servers

*** = write down and submit answers to these questions/problems. I recommend you use a google doc to record your answers.


This lab has you

0. Pair up

1. Getting Started

2. Investigate nc and common services provided by xinetd

In this step, you will investigate, install, use, and monitor a tool called netcat.

We want to install some basic services on Machine2 and then use them over the network from Machine1. To do this we'll install a "superserver" that can provide multiple basic services.

3. Investigate ssh

As you saw, these basic servers sends data unencrypted "over the wire". This would be a very bad thing, if you were sending crucial information, like your password or credit card information.

Of course, we have something better called ssh, which allows you to log in remotely to another machine, but encrypts everything that is sent across the wire (like your password).

4. Clean up

On each machine, run apt-get purge list-of-packages-you-installed to clean up and remove those packages. You may leave wireshark installed.

Remove the white ethernet cables and plug in the orange ones.

Shutdown the machine, and return the flash drives to the box.


Turn in

Turn in the answers to the questions marked *** by submitting the file via Moodle. Only one submission per group, with both Persons' names on it.

Grading Rubric:

20 points total:

5 points: All questions are answered

10 points: Correct answers.

5 points: Depth of information from investigations.