Unlike previous exercises, we will not walk you through each step of this exercise. Instead, use this exercise to convince yourself that you can create an appropriately formatted spreadsheet with accurate formulas from scratch.

You will produce a simple payroll worksheet that computes salaries for employees based on an hourly wage, regular hours and time-and-a-half for overtime. You'll also handle taxes and sort the results.

Start by downloading this raw payroll data and saving it on your H: drive. Then, modify the spreadsheet so that it looks like this sample solution sheet. (The data and formatting may be somewhat different from those in your solution.) Remember to use formulas/functions as appropriate.

Submit the spreadsheet via your FIT Assignments page (as in the grade book exercise). Add a bullet to your list labeled "Payroll Exercise" that links to the google doc version of your spreadsheet. Important: Do not forget to the give your grader and professor permission to view your Google spreadsheet. Finally, in Moodle, give a link to your FIT Assignments page.

Grading Criteria

This exercise is for extra practice. If you choose to complete it, any points earned will be applied to previous spreadsheet exercises.

We will grade this exercise according to the following criteria: