In this exercise, we'll work with spreadsheet formulas, functions and relative/absolute addresses using Microsoft Excel.

To begin, download this sample Excel workbook onto your H: drive in your FIT folder. The workbook includes one spreadsheet named "grading".

A Grade Book

In this exercise, produce a gradebook spreadsheet that looks like this sample gradebook. Start by studying this sample. Make sure you think about where you're going before you do anything else. When you're ready:

Be sure to save your modified workbook on your H: drive.

Submitting your Work

Though you might consider uploading this spreadsheet to Moodle, instead let's incorporate your work into your website:

  1. Login to your Calvin Google Account (that is, your student mail)
  2. From the top list of options, choose "Drive" or "Documents"
  3. From the right hand side, click the gear symbol to open Settings:
    1. Hover over Upload settings
    2. Choose "Confirm setting before each upload"
  4. On the left hand side, next to the button labeled "Create", click the "Upload" button (it looks like a disk drive with an up arrow)
    1. From the popup menu, choose "Files..."
    2. Browse to your H: drive, and then your gradebook spreadsheet
    3. Choose "Open"
    4. From the Upload settings, choose "Convert documents ... to Google format"
    5. Click "Start Upload"
  5. Your grade book spreadsheet should now be listed under "My Drive". Open the spreadsheet by clicking on the title (the icon next to the document should be a square -- if it is an X, you did not convert the document to Google format as instructed). Spend a couple minutes making sure that the import worked correctly (all cells have the correct formula and/or value) and everything is still formatted as it should be. Leave this page open!
  6. Open Dreamweaver, and create a new page called fitAssignments.html in your website folder on your H: drive.
    1. Title the page "FIT Assignments"
    2. Make your name an h1 header in the content of your page
    3. Create a bulleted list and make the first entry "Grade Book Spreadsheet"
  7. Back in your web browser, on, in the upper right corner, click "Share"
    1. Copy the "link to share" from the top of the screen and use this to make the "Grade Book Spreadsheet" item an absolute link on your FIT assignments page in DreamWeaver
    2. In your web browser, add your professor and grader as collaborators, but *DO NOT* send them a message
    3. Click "Share & save" in your browser
    4. Save your modified FIT assignments page in Dreamweaver
  8. Upload your modified FIT assignments page to Calvin's webserver (instructions from first website exercise)
  9. Submit via Moodle a link to your FIT assignments webpage.
Grading Criteria

We will grade this assignment according to the following criteria: